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  • Attractions
    Eagles Hall
    If you are in the mood for some frolicking fun, then take in the revue "Skagway in the Days of '98." Complete with dancing girls, ragtime music and a reenactment of the shoot-out between Soapy Smith and Frank Reid, the show has been running since 1927! It is staged several times a day and when cruise ships are in port. Located at Broadway and 6th Avenue.
    Golden North Hotel
    This hotel is Alaska's oldest hotel. Built in 1898, it still retains its gold rush era appearance. It is worth taking a stroll through the lobby. Located at Broadway and 3rd Avenue.
    Gold Rush Cemetery
    The cemetery is just a short walk from scenic Reid Falls, named after local hero Frank Reid. You will see the impressive monument to Reid and several other whitewashed wooden markers which are replaced by the park service when they get too worn to read.
    Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park Visitor Center
    Inside you can view a documentary video and historical photographs. Then take a Ranger-led guided walk through town. They can also provide details on nearby hiking trails including the famous Chilkoot Trail.
    Red Onion Saloon
    Have a cool beverage served on the original mahogany bar as a lady-of-the-evening mannequin peers down from what used to be the second-floor brothel. Located at Broadway and 2nd Avenue.
    Trail of '98 Museum
    Sharing the building with Skagway City Hall, the museum has documents relating to Soapy Smith and Frank Reid, gambling paraphernalia from the old Board of Trade Saloon, Native artifacts and much more. Located one block off Broadway
  • Shopping
    Filled with a number of curio shops selling unusual merchandise, Broadway runs from one end of town to the other. Good deals can be found but remember to shop around before making a purchase.
    Corrington's Museum of Alaskan History
    Corrington's is a gift shop selling everything from Alaskan jewelry to t-shirts. It is also a museum with exquisitely carved ivory pieces. 5th Avenue and Broadway.
    Dedman's Photo Shop
    If you are looking for historical photos and trinkets, Dedman's is the place. A Skagway institution since the early days, this is one of the few shops that stays open all winter long. Located on Broadway between 3rd and 4th.
    Hunter Art Studio
    One of the best galleries in town, this is where you will find pieces by Alaskan artists. Located on 9th Avenue and Broadway.
    This is a unique shop filled with Russian and Alaskan gift items. They sell embroidered shirts, art shirts with Lavalle prints on them, Eskimo dolls, and Alaskan ornaments. They also have a large selection of Russian nesting dolls and Christmas ornaments, lacquered boxes, enameled ornaments and Siberian birch boxes that are intricately carved. Located on Broadway. 
  • Activities
    Lower Dewey Lake
    Skagway is an excellent hiking port due to its proximity to real wilderness within sight of the docks. A short jaunt will take you to Lower Dewey Lake. Start at the corner of 4th Avenue and Spring Street, head towards the mountain, cross the foot bridge over Pullen Creek and follow the trail uphill to the lake. This hike takes about 20 minutes.
    Reid Falls
    If you are looking for something a little less strenuous, this trip through the Gold Rush Cemetery to Reid Falls is just the ticket. Take the city bus to 23rd Avenue, go through the cemetery (stopping of course to take in the gravesites of both Frank Reid and Soapy Smith), which is about a ten minute walk and continue for about ¼ mile (½ km). Trail maps are available at the Skagway Visitor Center.
    White Pass Rail
    Take an unforgettable journey aboard the “Scenic Railway of the World” to the White Pass summit. Begin your excursion as you board the train in Skagway and travel 20 miles from tidewater, to the Summit of the White Pass – a 2,865 foot elevation! It is Alaska's most popular shore excursion. 
  • Wildlife

    If you visit Moe's Frontier Bar or the Red Onion Saloon you will most certainly see some lively wildlife but not the kind we mean here. As in most locations in Alaska, when on the water you are most likely to see whales, sea lions, harbor seals, and sea otters as well as other marine mammals and birds. While on shore and away from settled areas you may encounter bears, sheep, goats and perhaps deer. And of course the incredible bald eagle is never far away. 

  • History
    History of Skagway
    Situated at the northern end of the Lynn Canal, Skagway's raison d'être is of course, the famous Klondike Gold Rush in Canada's Yukon Territory. None of the steady stream of would-be prospectors could have even imagined the hardships they would have to endure to get there.

    The first step was negotiating either the White or Chilkoot Passes through the coastal mountains to the Canadian border. This entailed a 20 mile hike, climbing upwards of 3,000 feet in the process. And as if this wasn't hard enough, by order of the Northwest Mounted Police, each man and woman had to have at least a year's supply of provisions before they were allowed into the country. Many of them succeeded, braving temperatures as cold as 50 degrees below zero, often accompanied by driving snow and biting winds. This process could take as many as twenty trips for some and many found that when they got back to their stash of goods, they had been stolen by the less scrupulous. Some thought they got lucky and were able to purchase mules or horses only to find them in ill health and not very sound of limb. No wonder one stretch of the trail through the White Pass is called Dead Horse Gulch. And this first leg was just the beginning.

    The way of life in Skagway became as violent and lawless as any to be found in the frontier west. There was no law whatsoever in Skagway as the Mounties, the law in Canada, had no jurisdiction here. The conscience of the townspeople dictated whether there would be peace or not. One of these townspeople was the notorious Jefferson Randolph "Soapy" Smith, a known thug and con man. He'd earned his nickname and reputation in Denver, Colorado, by convincing large numbers of people to buy bars of cheap soap for $1, in the belief that some of the bars were wrapped in larger denomination bills. Of course they weren't, but the scam worked and Smith made a lot of money.

    Smith and his gang engaged in all kinds of unsavory and nasty business in Skagway until one man finally stood up to him. Frank Reid, city surveyor, finally put an end to Smith's reign of terror in a gun fight in the middle of the street. He shot Smith dead, but unfortunately was mortally wounded himself. He is remembered with a huge monument erected in his honor in the Gold Rush Cemetery.

    Some of the original buildings in Skagway were lucky enough to survive to this day and are protected by the National Park Service. Little touches of history are found all over town including the huge watch painted on the mountainside above town. It was a billboard for the long-gone Herman Kirmse's watch-repair shop. Also remaining is the White Pass and Yukon Route narrow-gauge railroad, opened in 1900 to transport late arrivals to the gold stampede and to transport the gold out.

    Modern day Skagway is a tourist mecca with thousands of visitors on a daily basis during the summer months. There are 860 year-round residents of Skagway who make sure that they hang on to their gold-rush heritage and make it one of the most interesting ports of call. 
  • More Information
    Visit the official Web site of the City of Skagway for more information on local events and attractions. 
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