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Important Information - Alaska Cruise

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It is crucial to read the following important information carefully!

#1 Pre-Registration & Proof of Citizenship

All cruise lines require advance registration information: vital personal details such as document numbers (passport booklet or drivers' licence or other), birthdates, emergency contacts, and more. Please ensure that you have the cruise line reservation number for your booking(s). You must pre-register via the cruise line website as soon as possible. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

NOTE: You must have all necessary travel documents or you will be denied boarding.

United States or Canadian Citizens: Passports are required for US citizens returning from Canada and Mexico. In addition, US travel rules require citizens returning from any foreign destination to show passports. Below lists all required documents, depending upon destination.

Passport-mandatory destinations: For destinations that require passports, you will need to carry a valid passport and current photo identification. No photocopies will be accepted. Passports must be valid for a minimum of six months after your return home.

All other destinations: For destinations that do not require a valid passport, a certified copy of US or Canadian birth certificate or a naturalization card, as well as a current photo identification is required. No photocopies accepted.

Non-US or Non-Canadian Citizens: Please consult your specific consulate or embassy for proper documentation and visas required before leaving for your vacation.

Visas: Visas may be required for your cruise or cruisetour program. Visa and documentation requirements vary based on your passport booklet origin and the countries you will be visiting. These requirements change from time to time. Please check with your country’s embassy to verify current regulations. It is your obligation to have with you the proper travel documentation.

Inoculations: Inoculation requirements vary by destination and change from time to time. Please check with your medical professional to verify current regulations.

Criminal Record: Please note that any persons who have been previously convicted of a criminal offence in Canada or in the United States may be denied entry into both the United States and Canada. Cruise Experts Travel and our Travel Suppliers cannot be held responsible for any booked passengers who are denied entry into either country.

Single Parent Travelers: Reminder: Single parents traveling with under aged children (under 18) require a notarized letter from the other parent which states that they authorize the children to travel with just the one parent. This is very important. The US/Canada border officials will not allow a single parent to travel without a letter of consent from the non-traveling parent.  Cruise lines and airlines will also deny boarding should this occur, no matter what the current relationship/marital status of the parents is (single, divorced, separated, etc.).

>> Cruise Experts Travel is not responsible if you are denied boarding as a result of your failure to obtain all of the necessary travel documentation, visas, or inoculations for your travel.

>> Please be advised that tickets may sometimes arrive as late as the week of sailing.

#2 Changes in Itinerary, Taxes & Guarantee Basis Cabin Assignments

Changes in itinerary, schedule, and/or air and hotel arrangements, however rare, due to weather, political situations, or other unforeseeable circumstances and "acts of God", are at the sole discretion of the tour operator and may be made without prior notice. Cruise Experts Travel cannot be held responsible for any such changes.

If you are concerned about the destination to which you are headed, please consult the US Department of State Web site at or the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs Web site at for all current worldwide travel advisories.

Your cruise rate is protected from increase, but you are not protected from possible increases of fuel surcharges, port, or government taxes.

If your stateroom reads GTY, you will be guaranteed the stateroom category for which you purchased; specific location or stateroom number cannot be chosen when under GTY basis. Staterooms are often assigned within the week of sailing, and can be as late as the time of boarding.

#3 Cancellation & Insurance Policies

Excluding river cruises, if you must cancel your vacation, deposits are generally refundable up to 80 days prior to departure. Cancellation policies, and terms and conditions vary by cruise line; please be certain that you read the important policy informationand cruise line terms and conditions provided to you in our email communication as they may limit your benefits and coverage and the amounts payable to you. We strongly recommend purchasing cancellation and other insurance. Please check with your cruise specialist on specific policies available.

>> Refunds from the cruise lines can take up to 4-6 weeks.

#4 Air Arrangements

If you make independent air arrangements, the cruise line assumes no responsibility if you encounter delays. Please ensure that you arrive at the airport at least 2-3 hours prior to the flight’s scheduled boarding time. Please observe the times carefully to avoid denied boarding onto the aircraft. Please check the status of your flight 24-48 hours before departure to confirm your flight is leaving as scheduled. You should do this for your return flight as well. Transfers from the airport to the cruise line terminal, on the same day of departure are generally not included in the cruise fare but available for a nominal fee.

Cruise Line Custom Air Option:
Cruise lines may offer custom air options that allow you to request specific airlines and/or routes. If you require this option, we strongly recommend that you purchase the air deviation service to ensure the best routing and schedules. We cannot guarantee that guests traveling in groups of two or more will be on the same airline or routing unless an air deviation is purchased.

Air itineraries are made at the sole discretion of the cruise line and are not finalized until 30 days prior to departure. Air carriers and routings are subject to change without notice. Cruise lines reserve the right to use a combination of air and coach to transport guests between airports and points of departure.

#5 Administrative Details

Cruise Experts Travel reserves the right to assess an administrative fee of $100 per person upon cancellation of any bookings under deposit or final payment. This amount is redeemable in credit towards another reservation made with us within the next six months. Please note that this fee is in addition to any cancellation penalties that may be charged by the tour operator. Please review your invoice for accuracy. Should you find an error, please contact our office and we will immediately correct it.

#6 Legal Matters

CruiseExperts Travel Ltd. dba Cruise Experts Travel and its subsidiaries operate within the legal jurisdiction of the Province of British Columbia. By using our services, you agree that any dealings or transactions you have with CruiseExperts Travel Ltd., regardless of the location of the customer or the travel supplier involved, will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of British Columbia, and that you hereby irrevocably adhere to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of competent jurisdiction of British Columbia in any proceeding. CruiseExperts Travel Ltd. is merely an agent for the travel suppliers. CruiseExperts Travel Ltd. is not and will not be held liable for the acts or omissions of the travel suppliers.

Please note that Cruise Experts Travel, its travel subsidiaries, or suppliers are released from liability with regard to cancellations, changes, and medical or other travel concerns relating to one's trip, especially if travel insurance has not been purchased through us. Cruise Experts Travel, CruiseExperts Travel Ltd., and all its Travel Suppliers cannot be held responsible should any booked passengers be denied boarding or entry into a specific country due to inadequate legal documents.

At Cruise Experts Travel, we act as agents. Please be informed that contracts are between the traveler and the cruise line. Please read the cruise line's terms and conditions.

#7 Privacy Policy

When you book your travel with us, you may provide us with personal information, such as your email address, name, phone number and credit card number. This information will only be used for the purposes you intended -- for booking your travel and for us to communicate with you. We keep your personal information confidential and we will not sell your personal information to anyone without your express written permission in advance.  For our full privacy policy, please refer to our Web site at

Please note that all information contained herein is subject to change without notice.