6 Usual (and Unusual) Activities to do in Alaska

Alaskan flightseeing

How about an Alaskan flightseeing tour?

If you are wondering what is in Alaska for you then you need to visit and do these 6 activities, which are for all. Make the most of your Alaska Cruise trip in where else, Alaska! So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets take a trip down to a land of fun and adventure.

1. Visit the Alaska Zoo – Have you ever wanted to see a bear covered in snow? How about sharks, whales, turtles, many amazing fishes, and many more? If so, Alaska Zoo is the destination which you must visit. Get a chance to see your favorite wild animals like bears, wolves, and even snow leopards up close like never before. Alaska is home to unique wild life as well as the natives, so do not think twice; you are quite welcomed to come and visit anytime!

2. Flightseeing – Do you love heights? Want to lift off the ground and travel into dream land? Why not do that while you are taking in the most breath taking view of Alaska from the highest point you could have ever imagined? Get your opportunity to see Alaska like never before, watch over the thick forests, see the most amazing waterfalls, and enjoy the view like never before.

3. Whale Watching – Whales are incredible sea creatures; they are playful, fun to watch, and leave everyone giggling with the huge splashes they make. Want the opportunity to see some of the coolest whales? Why not try your luck at spotting the Humpback? Or the Blue or Grey whale? Even the Sperm or Beluga whales too? Do not miss such an exciting opportunity as whales like the Sperm whale can only be seen in the sea of Alaska in their natural habitat! Other sea attractions are nothing compared to the natural ones you will see, that is our promise.

4. Northern Lights – Alaska has one phenomenon which has the entire world talking; you guessed it, the Northern Lights. These lights shine across the pitch black sky like a rainbow after rain, but more colorful and magnetic like never before. These majestic lights are the attractions which just simply cannot be missed; this is your ultimate opportunity on the Alaska Cruise to catch up on what makes Alaska different than the rest of the world.

5. Dog Sledding РYou must have definitely seen in many movies, and must have also read in your text books about Eskimos and their favorite method of travelling. How about if you were given the opportunity to run your own sleds, not with Santa’s reindeers though, but the most adorable huskies? Now, you get the chance to make this wish come true, travel across the Tundra while being in control of your own dog sled. Go on adventures and feel the excitement which the Eskimos do while they journey across the continent. Now it is your time to live it big in Alaska!

6. Aviation Museum – Have you ever wondered how Alaska modernized in terms of travel? Those who traveled miles on foot or handmade boats now travel using more modern methods, but how did it actually happen? You can find all of the answers to all questions at the Aviation Museum. Learn how Alaska took flight, and get a chance to click a few amazing pictures, and do get them framed too!

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