5 Authentic Desserts You Must Try in Alaska

Baked Alaska Dessert

Baked Alaska Dessert

What is a perfect cruise trip without the best delights to accompany you? This is why we are going to give you the names of the 5 must have desserts on your cruise to the one and only chilling destination, Alaska. Alaska is full of beauty, wild life, fun, and romantic sunsets, so it is time to grab your forks and spoons and dig in while you enjoy every moment!

1. Baked Alaska Cake

The best dessert known all over the world and of course, Alaska is the Baked Alaska Cake. This delight is an ice cream sponge cake which is stuffed in delicious, creamy, and fired up with meringue. This classic dessert has yums stuffed inside, including delicious frozen delights. You can even get yours covered in rum! It is time for you to dig into the most delicious treat which Alaska has to offer you.

2. Wild Berry Cobbler

Offering you the juiciest berries and in lots of varieties, this dessert will have you on the edges of your seat. You can choose from your favorite cobbler recipe and top it off with the freshest berries in the entire continent. These lip licking berries include blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries too. After all, the wild berries are the best one, right? Want to make your trip even more interesting? Why not add some more fruits to delight your taste buds? Go for the mossberries, lingonberries, or even the salmonberries as well, spice up your life!

3. Akutaq (Agutuk)

This dish is a challenge to those who dare to try a taste of Alaska for the first time. This beautiful dish was actually created by the natives who called it Eskimo ice cream, which is ice cream with a hint of seal oil, snow, berries, and reindeer fat. Yes this dish does seem like a challenge for those who have never tried some of those ingredients, but, it is rated as an all time favorite of Native Alaskans. All of these unique ingredients are whipped up and the texture of the delight becomes a bit foamy. Sugar is not a part of this dessert, but, you can get it added if you want to for more fluff in your dessert. Are you Alaskan enough to try it?

4. Tongass Cookies (Forest Cookies)

We are still not sure of how this one originated, but knowing that this one of a kind dessert includes ingredients like coconut, healthy oats, and textured Rice Krispies, we think that Santa’s elves came up with the idea for this. The cookie even has 2 different kinds of sugar to delight your taste buds; you can munch on these non-stop on the cruise you do not want to miss. You only need to keep your eyes on the stash though; it will not take long for these chewy delicious delights to come to an end.

5. Romanoff Bread Pudding

What could be more perfect than the combination of strawberries, whipped cream, and last but not the least, liqueur? Dig in to fresh strawberries deeply covered in thick, delicious, and fresh whipped cream topped with your favorite flavor. There is also the heavenly presence of fresh cheese and soft bread pudding too.

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