A Journey You Will Never Forget – Alaska & Yukon Cruise 2015

Katmai Crater National Park Alaska

Katmai Crater National Park, Alaska

You have done so much for all of your loved ones all throughout your life. Now, it is time for you to lay back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of life at its best. Hop on an Alaskan & Yukon cruise and enjoy every minute by making the most of what matters. Bring your spouse along, and make a trip to the land of natural beauty, highlighting the following sites of unforgettable adventure:

Glacier Bay National Park

We bring to all of our guests amazing attractions such as Glacier Bay National Park. A park which leaves you mesmerized as you lay eyes upon the most beautiful glaciers you have ever seen. Sparkling like diamonds bathing in a beautiful crystal blue color, these glaciers are stunners to say the least. That is not all, enter the bay during the summers and  see whales in their natural habitat.

Sawyer Glacier

Love animals? This is the place to be if you wish to cruise on an Aqua-Safari. Get the chance to see some of the most adorable animals in action. Watch them play, watch them in nature; no bars or sign posts keep them from your scrutiny! Killer whales, seals, otters, find them all at Sawyer Glacier. You can even spot wolves, bears, deer and even moose!

Denali National Park

Welcome to 6 million acres of pure beauty. Here, at Denali, you will find the most amazing forest and tundra, filled with wildlife at its best. While you wait for your next cruise destination, get a chance to click some amazing snaps with ‘The High One,’ the highest peak in all of North America! Zoom through the valleys and enjoy the floral beauty surrounding the entire park. You won’t miss spotting grizzlies going on their hunt; catch them live in action.

Inside Passage

Imagine the smile on your face when you spot the most beautiful sunset ever between spectacular glaciers. There can be no better venue to finally get away to with your spouse, right? There is something in Alaska and in Yukon for everyone, regardless of age; if you are as young as 4 or as young as 40, these views will steal your breath away!

Go Native!

Alaska is not just about the mountains, glaciers and wildlife; there is more to this beautiful continent than which the eye sees. Alaska is the home to many cultures, which it has accepted and embraced as its own. With natives who speak more than 90 languages, this continent will capture your heart. Learn about the stories each totem pole has to say, take a sneak peek inside how they live their lives on a daily basis, sit inside the comfy log house, dance around the camp fire, tell stories from your childhood, let your inner artist out, and pass on the tales of adventure to your grandchildren.

To book your cruise, visit us at www.AlaskaCruiseExperts.com or simply give us a call at the following numbers. Be young, wild, and free in Alaska.

Toll Free: 1-800-565-2784

Vancouver: 604-737-8100

International: +1-604-737-8100

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