5 Haunted Places in Alaska

haunted eklutna spirit houses chugiak alaska

Eklutna Spirit Houses in Chugiak, Alaska

With Halloween festivities in the air, we thought it was apt to compile a list of haunted destinations that we sail to. From hotels, to museums and grave sites – if the cool Northern air hasn’t already chilled you to the bone, these five haunted places in Alaska probably will.

  1. Buckner Building – Located in Whittier, Alaska, this building was constructed in 1953 and named after General Simon Buckner, who died in World War II. The building is now abandoned, however it used to contain a movie theater, a bowling alley, and a jail, as well as many tunnels that led to other buildings in town. It is rumored to be haunted by spirits of its past.
  2. Gaslight Lounge - Gaslight Lounge is in Anchorage, Alaska, and revelers have reported hearing strange noises emanating from the walls. Some claim that the jukebox starts up and plays by itself during after hours.
  3. Eklutna Spirit Houses - There is a cemetery located in Chugiak, Alaska with Spirit Houses, or structures built on top of the graves that contain items belonging to the deceased, such as cups, pipes, rifles and utensils. Those who practice the Eklutna religion (a combination of Russian Orthodox and Eskimo beliefs) believe that the souls of the dead wander for 40 days, looking for their personal items. The houses were built in an effort to keep the souls from wandering into their old villages and haunting those who have unknowingly reclaimed the departed’s personal items.
  4. Nana Museum of the Arctic - Urban legend has it that if you leave a basketball in the museum’s auditorium and say, “Alex, come and get your ball!” the sound of a bouncing basketball can be heard. It’s said that the source of the sound comes from a boy who lost his basketball beneath the museum, went to retrieve it, and never returned.
  5. Gakona Lodge and Trading Post - Some say a happy poltergeist roams the grounds of the Gakona Lodge and Trading Post, playing little tricks on visitors and lodge employees alike, such as moving items just a few inches out of place, or turning on lights and water faucets.

While the Alaskan cruising season is generally from April-September, cruises to Alaska can be booked all year round, and there are several other cruise destinations available during the Alaskan cruise off-season throughout the Caribbean, Europe, and South America. If visiting spooky destinations is of interest to you, check out 5 Haunted Castles to Visit on a River Cruise. For more Alaskan cruise inspiration, visit us on Facebook.

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