Zipping through the forest in Ketchikan

At the time of publishing, I am now in Vancouver. Internet on the ship was horrendous. I couldn’t connect while at sea at all, which was all day yesterday. But I still want to share my experience, so after this post, there will be another scheduled to publish tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

Ketchikan is known as the Rain Capital of Alaska, with an average annual rainfall 162 inches, but when we were there on the Best of Alaska cruisetour, not one cloud was in sight.

Ketchikan, Alaska

It was a glorious day for us in Alaska’s First City.

With the previous days’ weather typically Alaskan (overcast or raining one minute and sunshine the next, in other words volatile and unpredictable), we were thrilled to have no threat of the city’s liquid sunshine.

The Cruise Experts Travel excursion we did today was the Eagle Creek Rainforest Canopy & Zipline Expedition. I’ve gone ziplining twice before in Whistler on two different courses offered by different companies and this one we did in Ketchikan was hands down the most exhilarating.

Ketchikan Ziplining

Waiting on these platforms was scarier than actually ziplining!

We were led by the most enthusiastic guides who made us feel as safe as one can feel while hanging around at up to 350 ft above the ground.

Alaska Shore experts ziplining in Ketchikan

There zipped across 7 lines.

My heart was pounding each time I waited my turn on the platforms. I held on tight to the tree, hugging it at times as the platform swayed when someone moved. If I couldn’t get a good grip on the tree, I always had one hand on the cable that I was attached to to prevent us from falling over 300 ft to the ground.

On top of that, there was this!

Alaska Shore Excursion in Ketchikan.

We crossed, not one, but two suspension bridges.

I was dared to walk across without hands. Did I? NOPE! I know that I was harnessed to a secure cable, but one slip and we’d all be hanging in the air. My heart was about to come out of my chest when I walked across these bridges.

Oh, and if you didn’t want to go any further, the only way out of it is to be roped down from the platform, which is probably even scarier than finishing the course.

Would I do this exact excursion again? At this time, it’s too soon to say yes. Thinking about it makes my hands and feet tickle. Am I glad I did it? Absolutely! It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Let the thrill and excitement I experienced settle down a bit and ask me in a few months.

Tomorrow, is a sea day, so there will be lots of activities planned on the ship. We also gather one last time for a social function as a whole group.

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