Denali and the Tundra Wilderness Tour

Denali. It’s amazing, breathtaking, and like nowhere else I’ve ever been. As a Vancouverite, I have incredible scenery in my backyard and even a few hours’ drive away. There are parts of Denali National Park and Preserve that don’t look too different from the British Columbia.

Denali hiking

Hiking in Denali on our first free afternoon in Denali. This looks very much like hiking in British Columbia.

In fact, when we first entered the park, we were in a boreal forest, which is also most of Canada.

Denali National Park

However, when you go deeper into the Park, vegetation drastically changes.


Everything that grows is closer to the ground and there aren’t any trees. Just low bushes, at most.


Tundra Wilderness Tour

The only road into Denali is 92 miles. On the Tundra Wilderness Tour, we went over 60 miles into the park.

Even though there was a light drizzle Mt. McKinley (Denali) was hidden by cloud, it was another great day in Alaska. We saw four of the five big five: Dall sheep, moose, caribou and grizzly bears. Missing in action was the wolf. Although they were far, seeing them unfenced and in their natural habitat is something I’ll never forget. It’s the exact scene people 200 years ago witnessed.

There’s one thing I want to leave you with about Denali. It’s the wilderness. It’s unimpaired. That means, when you’re there, you leave nothing behind except your footprints. Denali is not fenced so there’s nothing preventing it from change nor nothing to stop the natural change.

If you’re going to visit Denali, you need to go on the Tundra Wilderness Tour. The Natural History Tour only takes you about 20 miles in. Because we ventured further in, we were able to see more of Denali and more wildlife.

You may be wondering where my photos of wildlife are. I didn’t have the best camera with me. So when you make your way here, make sure you bring binoculars and at least a 30x zoom lens on your camera.

We’re off to Anchorage tomorrow and visiting the home of four-time Iditarod Champion Martin Buser and his Happy Trails Kennel. Hope you’re enjoying the adventure, as well!

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