Visiting Juneau, Alaska

Did you know Juneau is accessible only by air or sea? Nestled between towering mountains along the Gastineau Channel, the capital city of Alaska  is a stop that all cruise lines make. Best of Alaska guests are here from 6:30 am to 4 pm — not much time with so much to see and do here, so when you’re in town, try to plan your activities in advance to make the most your time. Here are some popular activities:

Tour the city. Beyond the city center, those with health or mobility issues may have difficulty covering much ground independently with the hilly streets. Otherwise, put on your walking shoes and explore the city. Many rewards of breathtaking views await. If you’re not sure where to start, try our extenstive 4 hour city tour.

Mendenhall Glacier

A visit to Mendenhall Glacier is part of the 4 hour city tour. The USDA Forest Service Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center is located in Mendenhall Valley which is 12 miles from downtown Juneau.

Helicopter Tour and Dog Sledding. This was one of my most amazing experiences ever. We were picked up from downtown Juneau, brought to a launch pad where we hopped aboard a helicopter. Up above on our way to the glacier for dog sledding, we got a beautiful bird’s eye view of the capital city.

the capital city of Alaska, Junuea

Juneau, Alaska.

This is a must-do activity. You get a different view of the land and a deeper appreciation of its grandeur.

excursion in Juneau

We soar above Juneau, over the ice field, and head towards Norris Glacier.

Once you land on the glacier, you learn about dogsledding, the dogs, the mushers and how this activity keeps these athletic canines in shape. You’re briefed on the rules put in place to protect the natural glacier environment and after that you’re quickly briefed on what to do when you’re on the sled.

mushing on a glacier

Dogsledding on a glacier

It’s an educational excursion and exhilarating, too. Learn more about it here.

Ziplining. Another exhilarating activity, you’ll be taken to the treetops of the rainforest to zip across from one to the next. How much more of heart-racing activity can you ask for?

Zip lining in Juneau, Alaska

Photo credit: Alaska Canopy Adventures

Fishing. It’s more laid back (unless you catch something, of course!) but a popular activity for those who love it. Whether you’re fishing the shore like the locals or hoping specifically to catch salmon or halibut, you’ll end up with a better understanding of the sport of fishing and the industry in Alaska.

These are just some of the exciting excursions in Juneau. If you’d like to see the many other activities available here, check out our Alaska Shore Excursions site. Sometimes you can squeeze in a few activities into your day, but it’s best to speak with one of our  Alaska Shore Excursion Specialists once you book your cruise so they can help you determine what works best for you.

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