On the last day of our Best of Alaska land tour

Just a little over two weeks remain! On May 26, that’s when the first group of our Best of Alaska guests will land in Fairbanks to start their 5 night land tour of Alaska and 7 night cruise ending in Vancouver. If you haven’t yet, read what you can expect at each destination in these blog posts:

After breakfast on your second day in Anchorage, hop aboard the deluxe motorcoach that takes you south to Whittier along the incredibly scenic Seward Highway. But before arriving in Whittier to board the Crown Princess, enjoy an hour or so at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

Alaska Wood Bison

Wood bison at Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is a non-profit organization with the mission to preserve Alaska’s wildlife. They take in animals that are  injured, endangered and displaced and provide them with spacious enclosures and quality animal care. They seek to provide public education and offer visitors the chance to see animals in their natural behavior.

One of the center’s programs is the Wood Bison Restoration Project. The goal is to reintroduce the wood bison back into the Alaska wild. According to their website, “In 2003, 13 wood bison were brought to AWCC from a disease-free herd in the Yukon Territory in Canada.”

Alaska Wildlife Conservaton Center.

See animals exhibit their natural behavior at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

Animals that can’t be released into the wild stay permanently at the center. Other animals you can expect to see there are bears, moose, eagle, elk, musk oxen, snickers, caribou, deer, and lynx.

Then after this adventure, you’ll head to the coastal city of Whittier, where you’ll say goodbye to the tour director and driver. There’s not much to see or do in Whittier.  Likely, you’ll be anxious to board your home for the week and enjoy lunch onboard after this full day of exploring.

Does this sound like the type of trip you’d like to experience? Dates this year are May 26, June 23, July 21 and August 18. Give us a call at 1-800-565-2784 to learn more.


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