Comparing Alaska cruisetours

Why is Cruise Experts Travel’s custom cruisetour more expensive than other 12 night land tour and cruise trips?

Actually, it’s not. We’ve put this at-a-glance chart together for your comparing convenience.

Best of Alaska cruisetour

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Want even more bang for your buck? On top of everything that is included in the price, our custom cruisetour offers an enhanced experience, based on a recent survey. The survey found that glaciers, wildlife and mountains were the top three reasons people travel to Alaska.

Glaciers – We go to two glaciers: UNESCO World Heritage Site, Glacier Bay National Park and the biggest tidewater glacier in North America, Hubbard Glacier. Many tours visit only one glacier during the cruise.

Glacier Bay National Park

Glacier Bay National Park. Photo courtesy of Aaron Saunders,

Wildlife – Most tours only feature the Natural History Tour, which is a 6-hour/14-mile journey into Denali National Park. We travel up to 60 miles into Denali National Park, offering a more comprehensive journey and the opportunity to see more wildlife deeper in the park. Plus we spend two nights in Denali and we also visit Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.


Best of Alaska cruisetour guests last year exploring deep into Denali National Park. Photo courtesy of Aaron Saunders,

Mountains – People specifically want to see Mt. McKinely, North America’s highest peak. With two nights in Denali, where Mt. McKinley is located, you will get more opportunities to experience the largest mountain (by land mass) on earth!

Mt McKinley

Mt McKinley (aka Mt Denali) made an appearance on a few of our cruisetour dates the past couple of years.

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