Allow me to introduce our 2014 Best of Alaska Cruisetour Hosts

We don’t just send you on our 12-night Best of Alaska cruisetours. We make sure everyone on the trip is taken care of. That’s why there are hosts on our cruisetours. They are available to answer your questions throughout the 12-night trip in Alaska. This of course, is at no extra course; it’s just part of the value we provide.

Who will be hosting each date? Here they are.

May 26, 2014 – Lynn and Donna Lambert.

Ultimate Alaska Cruisetour

This will be Lynn and Donna’s 3rd time hosting the Best of Alaska cruisetour.

Lynn and Donna have always enjoyed cruise travel. Sharing their experiences and meeting new friends are why they host these adventures. They want to ensure you are comfortable and are maximizing your Alaskan holiday. Their travels have always been about the people and to them, that is the true reward. Lynn is Blaine Lambert’s father, the COO of Cruise Experts Travel.

June 23, 2014 – Heather and Norm Clifton

Best of Alaska cruisetour hosts

Heather and Norm Clifton hosted our custom cruisetour last year, as well. Heather is one of our Cruise Specialists.

Heather is particularly fond of Alaska, having explored the state several times, with College Fjord being her favourite destination to date. She enjoys the peacefulness, the spectacular scenery, the quaint ports-of-call, and most of all, the charming Alaskan hospitality.

July 21, 2014 – Me! Yes, yours truly! My boyfriend Ian will be helping out as well.

Best of Alaska cruisetour hosts

We’re going back to Alaska and doing it right this time — on the Best of Alaska cruisetour!

This will be our first Alaska cruisetour. We did a 7-night cruise to Alaska last summer and were in awe pretty much the whole time, so we’re very excited to return this July. We can only imagine how breathtaking the interior of Alaska is going to be.

August 18, 2014 – Joan Felt and Alan Berry

Best of Alaska cruisetour hosts

Joan and Alan hosted one of our tours last year, too!

They have travelled extensively through parts of the western US and Canada. Over the past several years, their travels took them to Denmark, Sweden, the UK, Italy, Germany, Austria, Australia and New Zealand.

Would you like to learn more about our hosts? We’ll be featuring the hosts of each date each week starting next Friday.

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Vanny is Cruise Experts Travel’s Social Media Coordinator. She is a passionate world traveler and has been given an exciting opportunity to share experiences, tips and advice on everything cruising and travel in Alaska.
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