Northbound or Southbound Alaska Cruisetour

Seeing Alaska by cruise just isn’t enough you’ve decided. You want to go further inland and explore more of America’s last frontier. Then you came across an Alaska cruisetour. There are northbound and southbound ones. What does that even mean?

Before we dive into answering the question, let’s cover the basics first of what a cruisetour is. You can skip the next paragraph if you already know. 

An Alaska cruisetour is a trip that combines a 7 night cruise with a land tour either before or after. Land tours can be as short as 3 nights or as long as 12, giving travellers the opportunity to see and experience the interior of Alaska, far from the coast.

Ultimate Best of Alaska Cruisetour

Denali National Park, in the interior of Alaska, is abundant with wildlife.

If you’d like to do the land tour before the cruise, then you should be looking at southbound cruisetours. You’d fly to Alaska, tour the land for however many days, then hop onboard your cruise ship for a 7-night cruise.

If you prefer the land tour post-cruise, then you should be looking at northbound cruisetours. You’ll start your Alaska trip in Vancouver (note, Holland America offers a Seattle roundtrip Alaska cruisetour, as well) and cruise from there.

So which is better? Northbound or Southbound? Neither really. It’s all about preference. On a northbound cruisetour, you get to relax for for a few days with the attentive service of the ship’s crew. This is great if you want to reserve your energy for the land tour portion of your trip, which typically is more activity oriented.

But if you want to come home refreshed, a southbound cruisetour is the way to go. You tour the land first then relax for the final portion of your trip on the cruise.

Which cruisetour are you considering? If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or call to speak with an Alaska Cruise Specialist at 1-800-565-2784.

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