Most Efficient and Affordable Alaska Cruise Transfer Options

When your cruise ends or starts in Vancouver or Seattle, it’s pretty easy to get to the airport from the cruise terminal and vice versa.

A cab ride is about $30 to 35 plus tip for both cities. There’s also the option of public transportation in Vancouver which takes about 20 minutes on the city’s skytrain, Canada Line.

Transportation to or from the airport in Alaska is not as affordable given the distance from the port to the airport.  You can purchase transfers through the cruise lines, however, you can also ask your Alaska Cruise Specialist about our options.

Note, this information is limited to cruise only. With the exception of Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Alaska cruisetours, transfers are not included, however, Fairbanks (where a cruisetour often starts or ends) is a small city and a cab ride is the most efficient and affordable way to get to or from FAI.


If your cruise starts or ends in Whittier, consider our transfer options for $50 US. Children 12 and under are $45. At 3 hours long, it includes commentary about Alaska’s history and wildlife while travelling the scenic Seward highway. Photo ops will be available at Beluga Point and Portage Glacier. As well, a one-hour visit to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is included.

Whittier, Alaska. Photo from Wikipedia Creative Commons.

Whittier, Alaska. Photo from Wikipedia Creative Commons.

If you’re heading to the airport you’ll be picked up from the cruise terminal at 9 am and arrive at the airport by noon. Book your flight to leave no earlier than 3 pm. If you’re a US citizen, a 2:30 pm flight would work.

If you’re on your way to start your cruise, you’ll be picked up at the airport or your hotel (no extra charge) and arrive at the cruise terminal between 3:30 and 4 pm.


If you’re starting or ending your cruise in Seward, we offer transfer options for $75 US.  Children 12 and under are $55. This 4 hour transfer and tour provides commentary along the Seward highway and has two stops for photo ops at Beluga Point and Canyon Creek Overlook as well one hour visit to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

Seward, Alaska

Seward, Alaska. Photo from Wikipedia Creative Commons.

Heading to the airport? You’ll be picked up at the cruise terminal in Seward at 9 am and arrive in Anchorage at 1:15 pm. This means, if you’re flying to a non-US city, the earliest flight time you should be looking to leave is 4:15 pm.

Starting your cruise in Seward? You’ll be picked up at Anchorage airport or your hotel (no extra charge) at 1 pm and arrive at the cruise terminal at 5 pm.

See, we’re all about providing a fantastic experience at exceptional value. It’s not just a transfer you’re getting with us, but an educational tour as well.

To book your Alaska cruise, contact us at 1-800-565-2784.

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