Christina Kontogeorgiou: From Food To Travel

Cruise Expert Christina KontogeorgiouChristina Kontogeorgiou is a foodie who loves to travel. After selling her successful boutique olive oil company, it was only a matter of time she find herself in the travel industry. As with our other new team members this year, I had a chance to sit down with her and have a chat. I’m very excited this woman with a strong can-do attitude has chosen to be part of our family as a Cruise Specialist.

Vanny: Welcome to Cruise Experts Travel! You were in the natural health and gourmet food industry prior to joining us, what attracts you to the travel industry?

Christina: I love to travel and discover new locations. My mantra is a from Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s epic poem Ulysses: To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield.

Regardless of where I travel, the people, the culture and the food are my greatest interests.  As a sociologist I’m fascinated by different cultures and traditions.  As a foodie I love to try new and different cuisine and always make an effort to bring back gourmet delicacies and spices!

Vanny: Very cool! Where have you travelled and have these included any cruises?

Christina: I have travelled Greece extensively and I lived there for 10 years, too!  I am very familiar with Athens, Thessaloniki, and several of the more popular Greek islands. Other parts of Europe include Germany, England and Holland.


Alikes, Greece

I got to experience on vacation the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago.

Savannah Park

Savannah Park in Tobago

In North America, I have travelled from Vancouver down to San Diego and Mexico, and from Toronto down to New York and Chicago.

Regarding cruising, I have cruised the Agean and Mediterranean as well as the Caribbean. I did the Panama Canal crossing, too! Also did a cruise from Vancouver to the San Juan Islands.

Vanny: What would you say is your favourite destination so far?

Christina: I am partial to my Greek Islands but that’s due to my cultural background.  I love the Caribbean especially the less urban ones such as Antigua, St Lucia, and St John’s. I love nature and pristine environments, so the untouched non-urbanized Caribbean really appeals to me.

Vanny: What keeps you happy outside work?

I love to do one of two things: cook gourmet foods and create recipes as well as workout. I do yoga, weight training and marital arts and I’m a soon to be Black Belt!

I also enjoy reading, painting and drawing, but building Lego with my son is undoubtedly my favourite past time.

As someone who cooks gourmet food, I wonder what she thinks of cruise line food. This calls for another blog post. Stay tuned!

Would you like to take advantage of Christina’s travel experience? Send her an email at or call her at 1-800-565-2784.

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Vanny is Cruise Experts Travel’s Social Media Coordinator. She is a passionate world traveler and has been given an exciting opportunity to share experiences, tips and advice on everything cruising and travel in Alaska.
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