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Frequently asked question: I submitted a request through your website, why didn’t the email I received contain a detailed price breakdown for the cruise?

Wes Ewing of Cruise Experts Travel

Wes Ewing, Cruise Expert

Answer: A Cruise Specialist familiar with both the ship and destination of your requested cruise vacation will always call you at the phone number provided to go over the details as cruise prices, similarly to most travel reservations, fluctuate in the marketplace as the sailing fills and there is no magic formula to know exactly when and by how much a price might increase or a category might sell out. If a specific quote is emailed without having first taken the appropriate steps to protect the price, it cannot be promised for any length of time and may not be valid by the time the email is opened and read; even if it’s on the same day! Price changes are sometimes minor (less than a hundred dollars), but are often quite significant (hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars per person).

Fortunately our cruise line partners allow the Cruise Specialists at Cruise Experts Travel to create courtesy holds which protect both the price and stateroom quoted while final decisions are being made. These courtesy holds are usually valid for a couple of days, but there are exceptions. The information required to create a courtesy hold is simply the full names of all guests as they appear on their passports. That’s it! Then a detailed written quote can be confidently prepared and emailed, including when it is valid through; to secure the reservation as held, a deposit is required (or payment in full if it is within the final payment period; usually 75 days or closer to sailing). And if it is not confirmed with payment, it simply expires and the stateroom is released for someone else to book for their vacation.

For the convenience of our clients that aren’t quite ready to make a reservation, the “Pricing & Dates” tab on most itinerary pages provide a lead-in per person pricing per room type, updated every 24 hours. As they display fares that can be booked by everyone, it is always best to call and speak with a Cruise Specialist to find out if there are any restricted fares or additional amenities that you may qualify for based on residency, military service, age, etc. Restricted fares and amenities also change; they’re offered periodically, on select sailings in select categories and are often capacity controlled.

When you are ready to explore specific stateroom availability and pricing for reservations, give us a call toll free at 1-800-565-2784. An experienced Cruise Specialist can then provide you with your options over the phone in real-time from live availability – along with additional insight such as comparing promotions, advising which is the best value, and even bringing to your attention a suitable option you may have overlooked. You will then have the opportunity to have a courtesy hold placed so that you can discuss the details with your travelling companions before making a final decision and securing reservations.

Wes Ewing, Cruise Specialist
t: 604.737.8100 -ext. 128 | t: 1.800.565.2784

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