Royal Caribbean Introduces Alcohol Inclusive Drink Packages

For a while, Celebrity was the only mass market cruise line that offered an alcohol beverage package. Last week, sister brand Royal Caribbean rolled out their drink packages fleet wide. This announcement comes just a month after the cruise line announced their policy on bringing wine onboard allowing guests to bring two 750 ml bottles of wine or champagne per stateroom.

Royal Caribbean having drinks

With the Classic or Premium package, you don’t have to hesitate and worry about keeping track of your onboard spending on drinks. Photo courtesy of Royal Caribbean.

Guests can choose between the Classic ($45 per day per person) or the Premium ($55 per day per guest) package. Only available on sailings seven nights or longer, prices are inclusive of gratuities and must be purchased on the first day of the cruise. And what if only one of you in the stateroom wants an alcohol-inclusive package? If you both of you are 21, you both have to purchase the same package.

Do the math and that’s an extra $315 or $385 per person for a 7-night cruise. Now, before you decide that sounds too much, it’s not only wine and beer, but you’ll have the option of enjoying non-alcoholic cocktails, too.

The Classic package includes: beer, house wines by the glass, as well as all non-alcoholic cocktails, fountain soda and juices.

The all-inclusive Premium package features all of the above, as well as frozen drinks and all cocktails including premium brands.

Take a look at your last cruise onboard account statement. How much did you spend on liquor and non-alcoholic drinks? You should definitely get a package if the end total is close to the cost of the package. Your vacation would be that much more enjoyable without the hassle of being nickel and dimed. This also means you don’t have to monitor how much you’re spending on liquor or get a giant statement at the end of your trip.

Does it makes sense for you to purchase an alcohol-inclusive beverage package on your next Royal Caribbean cruise?

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