Experiencing Denali

Here’s a destination many travelers want to cross off the bucket list. Denali National Park and Preserve houses lush vegetation, 37 recorded mammal species including Dall sheep, fox, weasel, wolverine, and porcupine, to name a few, as well as 156 recorded bird species!

Denali National Park

Relatives of the bighorn sheep, Dall sheep graze the alpine tundra of Denali.

I found these comments about Denali from the National Park Service site and thought I’d share them here — they’re helpful in further understanding why the park tops the list of many.

“Denali means new adventures, experiences, sensations, sights and knowledge. My job as I leave this beauty is to let it change me and my treatment of the world.”

“Yesterday, two wolves ran along the road right toward our tour bus and passed us. As the first wolf ran by he looked right up at me and for the first time I could see what a truly wild, dangerous, beautiful animal he was just from his eyes. That the wild, dangerous, beautiful world remains here unchanged is food for the soul, and that is what Denali means to me.”

“It has taken me 25 years to save and okay this trip. The moment I stepped into Denali I knew it was worth every penny and every moment of planning. I can honestly say that the rest of my life has been changed by this magnificent experience. I’m old – May the young keep it alive for those who follow.”

“Traveling through Denali by bus is like a rolling meditation. The driver requests silence as we observe a sow and cub. A deep sense of peace and balance arises within me. Thank you.”

With this sort of feedback, it’s quite exciting then that Holland America is offering in 2013 Alaska cruisetours with three nights in Denali, rather than the usual one or two.

  • 11-Night Southbound Direct to Denali Alaska Cruisetour #D1T
  • 11-Night Northbound Direct to Denali Alaska Cruisetour #D1C
  • 11-Night Northbound Direct to Denali Alaska Cruisetour #D2C
  • 12-Night Northbound Classic Denali Alaska Cruisetour #D4C
  • 12-Night Southbound Classic Denali Alaska Cruisetour #D4T

This is unique to Holland America, so if you’re undecided between cruise lines and wildlife sightings are a major draw for you (with the extended time — not to mention the dramatic scenery — your chances only get better), take a look at one of the above-noted cruisetours. Better yet, contact an Alaska Cruise Specialist at 1-800-565-2784 to help you choose the right experience.

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