Sapphire Princess Ship Review

Sapphire Princess

Sapphire in College Fjord, Alaska. Photo courtesy of Princess.

I toured the Sapphire Princess recently and she looks really good.  Clean, fresh, well maintained. She was out of dry-dock earlier this year, one of the last to get all the enhanced upgrades.

I was impressed with the look of the base of the Piazza – more posh and polished and deluxe in appearance than other Princess ships.

My favourite feature onboard is still there!  Exclusive only to Diamond and Sapphire:  the Wake-view Bar.  This is a tiny spot tucked underneath the Club Fusion – very private and not everyone knows about it nor find it at all!  Accessible only by a spiral staircase from the Club Fusion dance floor… I don’t even think it is wheelchair-accessible, nor is there much room down there among the very few tables.  Lovely and notably nautical porthole windows are featured here too, looking out the back of the ship.

Though a good space, I am not a fan of the Skywalkers disco on these ships, the way it is set back and the view from which being interrupted by staircases and other scaffolding outside.

Skywalkers nightclub

Skywalkers by day

Granted it is a great nightspot, but my qualms are mainly for daytime use and views in Alaska!  The other Grand-class ships, with their “handlebar” Skywalkers disco right out the back are superior (in Alaska anyway).

Great for families and pleasing to all walks of life – this is where Princess excels.

Matthew Vaughan
Cruise & Travel Specialist
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