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Alaska Cruise Expert Joanna Chen and I had the opportunity to tour the Volendam last week. Walking around, the ambiance was reminiscent of one of the high end steakhouses here in Vancouver, with the dark wood paneling. There was very much an Old World feel onboard. The chandeliers in the main dining room was a beautiful touch.

chandeliers in Volendam's main dining room

Did we step back in time?

Based on what I saw, it’s easy to imagine an Alaska cruise onboard Volendam to be completely relaxing.

The panoramic views at Crow's Nest make it a place you'd find me often.

So, what did the expert think of this ship? I had to find out. Here’s what Joanna had to say.

Vanny: What was your overall impression of the Volendam?

Joanna: Old World European décor with some beautiful touches (torches and chandeliers in dining room), traditional looking cruise ship, nice for older clients or those wanting a quieter ambience onboard.

Vanny: What did you like most about the ship?

Joanna: Nice dining room and Explorer’s Lounge, and having the curtains in balcony rooms and higher categories for more privacy and convenience for guests in triple or quad rooms (between bed and living room area).

Vanny: What did you like least about the ship?

Joanna: There are areas, such as the lounge chairs on suite balconies and the retractable roof tracts seen from the top decks, that if touched up would be more aligned with the rest of the ship. Also, I feel if some of the rooms had different configurations, it would’ve been more obvious to notice that HAL’s cabins are 20% larger than other brands.

Vanny: Is there anything you’d like to see on the Volendam that wasn’t there?

Joanna: For Volendam’s medium size build and the people who sail on her, she has all that’s needed for an enjoyable holiday.

Vanny: What was one thing you saw on the Volendam that you haven’t seen on other ships?

Joanna: Culinary Center (Oceania is the only other brand that has one) and the curtains in the cabins for privacy between the bed and living room area.

Vanny: What kind of people would you find on this ship cruising to Alaska?

Joanna: Mature clientele and multi-generation family groups. Those who like quiet relaxation onboard, and small-to-medium size ships for less crowds.

Vanny: Would you recommend this ship to families?

Joanna: Yes. They have kids/teens areas onboard and good children’s programs for free. Popular for multi-generational families, especially if the kids are not the super active type who need lots of novelty and who tend to spend family time together instead of watching shows/movies in the games room.

Vanny: Would you cruise on this ship yourself? Please explain.

Joanna: I like that Holland America has nice service and food and is not a party-ship low-quality experience. For someone like me, Volendam would be a good choice if I was sailing a port intensive itinerary. Then, I wouldn’t feel like I’m missing out on experiencing all the amenities onboard since that is not HAL’s focus.

Vanny:  Would you recommend this ship to your friends or family?

Joanna: I would recommend Volendam to my friends and family who prefer a quieter onboard experience.

Vanny: On a scale of 1 (lowest rating) to 10 (highest rating), what would you give the Volendam and why?

Joanna: I give it an 8. Aside from some décor and stateroom configurations that could be refreshed, Volendam receives mainly a thumbs up from me especially for its 5-star service, friendly crew, good food, and great Vancouver roundtrip itinerary to Alaska.

If you’d like to learn more, please leave a comment. You can also contact Joanna directly at 1-800-565-2784. Don’t forget to ask her about our exclusive Holland America offers!

Characteristics of the Volendam

  • Built in 2000
  • 10 decks
  • 12 passenger elevators
  • 18 public rooms
  • 620 crew
  • 63,000 gross tonnage
  • 785 ft length
  • 106 ft width

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Vanny is Cruise Experts Travel’s Social Media Coordinator. She is a passionate world traveler and has been given an exciting opportunity to share experiences, tips and advice on everything cruising and travel in Alaska.
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