What our Cruise Experts Thought of the Solsticized Celebrity Millennium

This past Friday, a bunch of us here at the Cruise Experts Travel headed to Vancouver’s Canada Place cruise terminal to tour the Celebrity Millennium. She was recently solsticized and now has the AquaClass® staterooms, the AquaClass signature restaurant, Blu, and the addition of verandas to her chic Celebrity Suites among other fabulous renovations.

We were all very excited to tour the “new” her and I was just as excited to hear everyone’s thoughts. Take a look at these photos and then read what a few of our Cruise Experts had to say about the new Millennium.

What was your overall impression of the solsticized Millennium?
Denis: Very impressive refurbishment! Her decor looks very up to date.

Kassandra: Very nice

Jocelyn: Very lovely! Clean and open.

What did you like most about the ship?
Denis:The spacious lounges and luxurious suites.

Kassandra: Qsine…wish we could have had lunch there.

Jocelyn: I particularly enjoyed the openness of many of the new venues such as the Ice Bar and Cosmos Lounge at the front of the ship (with all the sea green chairs and carpeting). Made it look very fresh. Also, I liked the use of fabric throughout the public areas.

What did you like least about the ship?
Denis: Not much really! Even the least costly cabins are roomy and well appointed.

Kassandra: I was disappointed to see that certain details weren’t paid attention to – rooms were made new but the door frames looked old. I thought they could have paid better attention to the little details when doing such an expensive upgrade.

Jocelyn: The main atrium didn’t seem to coincide with the other new venues that were added.

Is there anything you’d like to see on the Millennium that wasn’t there?
Denis: As a cruise ship, she seems state of the art with all expected amenities.

What was one thing you saw on the Millennium that you haven’t seen on other ships?
Denis: She has the Olympic restaurant that features wood panelling from the original 1911 White Star Liner Olympic, sister to the ill-fated Titanic. Nice piece of history for ship buffs!

Jocelyn: This isn’t something that isn’t on other ships but other ships main dining rooms don’t have the look and feel that the Millenniums does. Walking from the second story of the dining room was incredibly stunning with the openness and having the large – very large – window as it was at the front of the ship and the wood squares. Colour and décor in this dining room made the whole thing just stunning!

What kind of people would you find on this ship cruising to Alaska?
Denis: I saw middle aged and older couples looking for an easy getaway. There were some younger passengers, too. In mid summer, there will be more families with children onboard this cruise.

Kassandra: Middle aged couples and families

Joceyln: Mostly couples, perhaps 30’s and up. Some families as they do have a lot of things for kids to do of all ages but it’s still considered a ship with more “white glove/European” treatment.

Would you recommend this ship to families? Please explain.
Denis: Yes! The children’s facilities are comprehensive catering to all ages of kids. There are several pools and large areas of open deck space where children can play without disturbing adult guests.

Kassandra: Yes, the children’s section was very nicely done and I know from experience that Celebrity has great children’s programs

Jocelyn: Yes, they do have a lot of things to keep the kids engaged and Alaska in itself is engaging for children and adults alike!

Would you cruise on this ship yourself? Please explain.
Denis: Absolutely, and I have! For the money, Millennium offers stunning value! Luxury at affordable rates!

Kassandra: Yes, it has all of the amenities that I would look for in terms of a family cruise and it has Qsine, which is a bonus.

Jocelyn: Yes. First, because I have not had the opportunity to cruise with Celebrity yet even though I have been on more than a dozen cruises; second, because I truly enjoyed the look and feel of this ship!

Would you recommend this ship to your friends or family?
Denis: Yes, for sure.

Kassandra: Yes.

Jocelyn: Yes, and already have sent my brother on two Celebrity sailings including one on the Millennium before she was renovated.

On a scale of 1 (lowest rating) to 10 (highest rating), what would you give the Millennium and why?
Denis: As modern cruise ships go, I would rate her 7.5 out of 10. As far as comparing her to other premium ships in the price category, she would get an 8.5.

Kassandra: I would rate it an 8….very nice but at times lacking in the details. Buffet food was just okay I thought.

Jocelyn: 7 perhaps. As mentioned I really enjoyed the look and feel of this ship but again the attention to detail was (to me) glaring! There were many instances where I felt that they just “patched over.”

Based on the photos and the thoughts above, is a cruise aboard Millennium right for you? This season, she sails north- and southbound itineraries, as well as a Vancouver roundtrip and coastal cruise in September. Call us at 1-800-565-2784 if you would like to book your next cruise or cruisetour aboard the newly solsticized ship.

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