Done an Alaska Cruise? Do an Alaska Cruisetour!

If you’ve already visited a place, would you go there again? Many of our clients who have gone on an Alaska cruise return to the Great Land for another cruise. It’s a destination that can be a completely different experience the next time you go.

Most start with a seven night cruise and the most popular ones are either roundtrip Seattle or Vancouver. There are roundtrip San Francisco to Alaska cruises as well, however, given the number of days, 10, they are less frequent than the ones aforementioned.

Hubbard glacier

Northbound and southbound cruises are other seven day options. The former starts in Alaska and ends in Vancouver and the latter starts in Vancouver and ends in Alaska. These one way itineraries work perfectly if you’re looking to spend more time in the final destination on your own.

Along with different routes, each route has different itineraries as well. One year you may visit Icy Strait Point, where you can soar through the rainforest on the world’s longest zip line! Another year you may visit Haines, the world’s largest concentration of bald eagles. You can see how varying itineraries will give you completely different experiences, even though you’re still in Alaska!

When on a cruise, you’re visiting the coastline cities or towns only. This sampling of Alaska whets the appetites of many who visit, prompting them to return for more, to go further in the interior. And this is why many people return and why it would be a completely different experience.

Talkeetna Alaskan Resort

If you’re looking for the level of service on land as you would receive on the ship, a cruisetour is the vacation you want. All your bags are taken care of and someone is always available to answer your questions. You don’t get that when you’re touring on your own.

Like cruises, there are varying itineraries and service expectations. Speak with one of our Alaska Cruise Specialists about what you’re looking for and they’ll recommend the tour that fits your needs and budget. Call 1-800-565-2784.

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