Thoughts on Disney Wonder from a Dad

You heard from Billie about the Disney Wonder. Cruise Expert Matthew Vaughan toured her, too so I asked what he thought about the ship, being a dad of an 8 year old and all. Here’s what he had to say.

What was your overall impression of the Wonder?
Very nice and all high quality – lots of quality furnishings, no scuffs or worn items (carpets immaculate, chairs and beddings all fine), and wonderful little reliefs along the trim and moldings of the various characters in the lore of Disney. All very tastefully done, not crass or brash (or even so “cartoony”!)

What did you like most about the ship?
The comfortableness, which I didn’t expect. Despite her age, she looks great, and tons of forethought about room sizes, adult-only areas, different restaurants and dining locations – all things that all other brands are busy catching up on, only now a decade later!

What did you like least about the ship?
Really – nothing! Too many little kids, but it’s Disney and it’s low season when school-aged kids are not traveling. So such little quibbles, really.

Is there anything you’d like to see on the Wonder that wasn’t there?
More “fun” items for adults too (like the water slide – only for kids on this ship)… but the newer vessels have mostly dealt with that successfully.

What was one thing you saw on the Wonder that you haven’t seen on other ships?
A nursery. First-run movies (only Disney, and affiliated companies, but that’s a lot!) Huge rooms, even the standard ones, so great for families (most rooms with split bathrooms, and both with a sink!)

What kind of people would you find on this ship cruising to Alaska?
Families (obviously), and probably not many first-time Disney folks, unless local – we noticed tons of repeats!

Would you recommend this ship to families?
Of course! Great for all ages, and an elaborate adults only area too.

Would you cruise on this ship yourself?
Yes, but just to try it out and only with my daughter. I have booked many Disney aficionados (couples, and without kids), but I don’t completely understand that in the extreme… I guess I don’t LOVE Disney enough as some others, but the experience onboard is remarkably classy and not too Disney over the top. Perhaps a short cruise (Bahamas?) onboard would suit me personally.

Would you recommend this ship to your friends or family?
Definitely, but with the above qualification, if they are anything like me. Then again, I have already booked friends and family on a Disney cruise and they really enjoyed it!

On a scale of 1 (lowest rating) to 10 (highest rating), what would you give the Wonder and why?
7.5 — but only because it is not all-inclusive and because it is enough of a specific product and ambiance. For those who love Disney, and based on the inferred quality of the experience onboard (service, food, amenities), I’m sure it would rate a 9.5!

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