Review of the Disney Wonder

Disney Wonder docked at Canada Place May 21, 2012

I toured the Disney Wonder on Monday and it was wonderful! The ship is still in great condition considering it’s been around for over a decade. The atrium had a lovely art piece hanging from above and it is also where one of the main dining rooms (Tristan) is located.

Since I love Disney so much, I think I noticed some of the details more than I would on any other ship. There were Disney characters in the railings and mouldings in the atrium area and even some of the elevators had Mickey Mouse hands to signal the deck the elevator was at. If you are a Disney fan then you’ll love all the small details.

Being on the ship felt like I was at Disneyland because of the music they were playing onboard throughout the ship.


Next we headed to the adults area which consisted of a club/entertainment lounge called Wavebands, the Cadillac Lounge (which was decorated like a Cadillac…very cool) and Diversions. This area reminded me of Universal Studios because they had these big billboards with retro “advertisements” around the area.


A neat thing about all the staterooms onboard, they all have a curtain partition in between the main bed and the living area (sofa bed area) for privacy.

Inside stateroom

The third and fourth beds consists of a single sofa bed that actually looks really comfy and a bunk bed on top. None of the staterooms have the Pullman bed on top of the main beds which is great.

“Deluxe” staterooms – anytime you see the word Deluxe in front of the stateroom type (e.g. Deluxe oceanview stateroom), it means there is a split bathroom! One bathroom has a sink and toilet and the other bathroom has a sink and bathtub/shower combo. Another great selling feature.

Oceanview stateroom

Verandah stateroom

Staterooms that hold up to five have the the main bed (for two), single sofa bed, Pullman bed on top of the single sofa bed and a murphy bed near the window. It’s still very spacious.

SMOKING: We also found out that they still allow smoking on the balconies! Just no smoking inside the rooms.


We also got to see all of the kids areas which looked like a lot of fun.

They even have a kids’ size bathroom in the Oceaneer club. So adorable.


While we were there, we got to see how they welcome their guests onboard. It was a very personalized experience. The ship’s officers and other staff would stand near the entrance (where the guests boarded) and they would announce through a microphone “Welcoming the Tam family!!” and then everyone would clap. Then one of the staff would debrief the guests and tell them that their rooms would be ready at 2 pm and that they can go eat at wherever until whenever.


Another interesting thing that you may or may not know is that on every Disney ship they do fireworks except for the ship in Alaska. There is also a sail away party with characters and a Pirates of the Caribbean party on every ship.

Something I was really bummed about was that the water slide is only for kids between 4 – 14. I wonder if I can disguise myself?!

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