New Things Learned about Crystal

I had the opportunity to tour the Crystal Serenity recently after a $50 million refurbishment. A few things I learned on the tour:

The Crystal guide talked a bit about the fact that they are going all inclusive and they have rolled it out as a test already which went really well.

They also have open seating in the dining room.

Embarkation Process
They are going to be changing their embarkation process to be similar to the other luxury lines. Guests will walk onboard the ship and be sent to a lounge or other area, served champagne, and staff will be walking about to check guests in and print room keys on the spot.

Volunteerism Program
The last thing which really interested me is their “Volunteerism” program. They offer programs where guests can volunteer in the ports and enrich their experience in a totally different way. For example in Vancouver they actually go to local food banks or in other ports they may volunteer with school children in poorer areas.

Enjoy some photos of the new renovations!

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