Your Air to Alaska Questions Answered

Arriving in Anchorage

Photo Courtesy of Anchorage Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Do I really have to come in the day before my cruise?
It’s not mandatory, but it is advisable in case of any schedule changes that may result in flight delays/missed connections. This way you are less stressed and well rested for your cruise.

Do the airlines charge bag fees flying into Alaska?
Answer #2: All airlines departing from the USA or Canada flying into Alaska change baggage fees with the exception of Jetblue (they only depart from selected gateways into Anchorage).

I heard that if you book your flights with the cruise line, they guarantee that you will not miss the cruise. Is this true?
Although there are select cruise lines that state this, it is impossible for any cruise line to guarantee this due to the fact that they do not own the planes and have no control over the flights.

Jackie Vouzan
Air Specialist
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2 Responses to Your Air to Alaska Questions Answered

  1. Monica says:

    I’m trying to plan an Alaskan cruise either N bound or South bound.
    If taking a southbound cruise how does one get from Anchorage, Alaska over to the cruise ship in Whittier, Ak head to Vancouver,BC (sorry for any misspellings.)

    What is the boarding time and what time do the ships leave?

    Also, the same question if taking a Northbound cruise; how does one get from Vancouver airport to the cruise ship?

    What aipport (what initals) is the airport to land that is near the Princess Cruise liner ?

    Thank you for your time,

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