FAQ’s on our Ultimate Best of Alaska Cruisetour Answered

I sat down with Alaska Cruise Expert Jocelyn Rheault to discuss Cruise Experts Travel’s exclusive cruisetour being offered this year and what kind of questions she gets asked. To help you decide whether this is THE land and cruise vacation for you, here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What makes Cruise Experts Travel’s cruisetour ultimately the “Best of Alaska” as it’s called?
Well, having been to the wonderous state of Alaska several times, there are certain “must-sees” that I’ve experienced and always recommend to clients. I also get great reviews from my returning clients about “how glad they were that they did or saw these”! This Ultimate Alaska Cruisetour has a lot these “must-sees” included in it such as The Authentic 1800’s Sternwheeler Riverboat cruise up the Chena River; The extensive Tundra Wilderness Tour that takes you to mile 53 into Denali National Park (most other tours only go to mile 17); The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center; Happy Trails Kennel – just to name a few! These are great “included” excursions that really show you what life in Alaska is all about.

Tundra Wilderness Tour at Denali National Park

Travel up to 62 miles deep into Denali National Park on the Tundra Wilderness Tour.

Plus on this cruisetour everything is taken care of for you – from taking care of your bags and luggage to transfers to and from airports and hotels to having a knowledgeable and local guide. We even feed you breakfast every day to make sure you’re engergized and ready for each day of adventure!

In Fairbanks you’re in for a special treat for supper – what could be more Alaskan than an Alaskan Salmon Bake outdoors in Pioneer Park! YUM! We’re also going to provide supper for you in Anchorage… but that’s a surprise shhhhh!

The price is higher than other cruisetours, why is that?
The price is actually very comparable and even a better deal than other cruisetours when you consider what all is included. I have an expression I use often “You don’t know what to go to see if you don’t know what there is to go to see!”

As I mentioned earlier, most tours into Denali are the Natural History Tour that goes to mile 17 into the park, we have made sure to include the more extensive Tundra Wilderness Tour that goes to mile 53 into the park – Denali is 6 million acres of vast and beautiful wilderness where wild animals large and small roam unfenced lands, living as they have for ages. So it only makes sense that the further into the park you go the more exposure to wildlife you get! Make sure your cameras are ready!

Providing breakfast every day and two suppers helps the pocket book too!

Some people say they don’t want to be “herded in a group,” but they think they’d enjoy everything in this cruisetour. Can they leave the group if they wanted?
Your guide throughout the land tour is a local Alaskan that knows their home intimately and are proud to share it! They are very knowledgeable and… yes, entertaining but they’re not your chaperone. When you’re not on specific tours you have plenty of time to explore. on your own and to do many optional excursions like river boat rafting, dog sledding, horseback riding, zip-lining – the list goes on and on OR you can just relax by the fire or take a leisurely stroll, a little nap… it’s completely up to you!

Even on the ship we have a “host” that is available to you for a few hours every day – you will know where to find them and they are happy to help, advise, share…but only if you want or need them.

COO, Blaine Lambert will be hosting the first cruisetour in May.

They will, of course, host a cocktail reception on board ship which is a great time to share with the others your experiences from your land tour in Alaska!

How long does one have until they have to make a decision?
Cruisetours sell out very quickly and the main reason for this (besides being the most popular way to see Alaska) is that there are only 48 people on the land portion of any given tour! The motorcoaches and domed trains only have capacity for 48 people. Even though there could be 1500 – 2000 people on your ship they are all coming from (or going in) many different tours that take place all over Alaska!

Historically, I have also noticed that the prices for cruisetours tend to increase as they fill… so don’t wait – book early to make sure you get the space you want for the date you want on the tour you want – then you won’t need to compromise!

These Ultimate Alaska Cruisetours are proving to be very popular and very soon will be gone… don’t miss out!

Do you have questions about our Ultimate Best of Alaska Cruisetour? Leave a comment below or call our office at 1-800-565-2784.

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