Our Family Cruise to Alaska

Family photo on cruise ship in Vancouver

Ports of Call

Our first stop on our 7-night cruise aboard the Celebrity Century last month was Icy Straight Point which was very quaint and small.  There were tons of orca whales coming into the bay which we saw from the ship as well as from the shore.  We walked along the beach with some other guests to Hoonah and ended up with pockets full of “special” rocks and shells. My kids, Kai and Natalia, are obviously easy to please :) .  They especially loved the little boats we had to get into to transfer to shore and Natalia promptly snuggled up to one of the pretty entertainment gals and asked if she could join her with dancing on stage.**sigh**

Celebrity Century in Alaska

From there, we went to Hubbard Glacier and although the weather was overcast with light drizzle, we still had great views and were relatively close.

Cruising Alaska at Hubbard Glacier

The onboard Naturalist, Graham Sunderland, narrated for nearly the duration of our stay and had some fascinating facts he shared which most guests very much appreciated.  We saw quite a bit of activity in terms of calving and I can truly say that Hubbard Glacier is “STUNNING.”

The city of Juneau itself was, from a scenic perspective, less impressive (the mountains were shrouded so we didn’t take the tram up although I’m sure if you take that trip in good weather, it’s quite beautiful). The State Museum was fascinating and the kids came away with some really cool hats they made.

They also had a huge suspended globe of the world that showed the changes over time in terms of the continental movement as well as the effects of global warming in particular on our ice caps.

Ketchikan was fun, although very touristy, with tons of places to drop wads of money and we got to see the salmon and even two seals making their way up the “ladder” on Creek Street.


The Celebrity Century

For anyone wondering what the children’s programs are like on board Celebrity, all I can say is this… FANTASTIC!  Every day the kids got excited about being able to go to the Fun Factory. The counsellors were wonderfully kind and great with the kids and by the end of the cruise, Kai and Natalia had nearly everyone’s email addresses.  The Fun Factory itinerary was delivered to our room every night and outlined what they would be doing the next day – one day they were pirates and paraded around the ship, they had scavenger hunts, played games, did arts and crafts, had dinner parties, etc.  There was always one or two themes per day and at the end of the cruise they had a talent show where the kids got to perform.

One of the onboard guest entertainers was a fabulous magician, Jay Mattioli who ended up in the quarter finals on America’s Got Talent.  He gave a special performance for the kids one day and they went wild.  Needless to say, Kai now wants to become a magician. Lordy… looks like he’ll be living with us well into his 50s, hahaha.  The best part was that we felt really comfortable leaving them there and my husband and I were able to have some time for us…whoa, what a concept… so for us, THAT was a highlight for sure!

Some more photos of our trip.

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