Top 10 Reasons To Travel To Alaska

Denali National Park

Flight seeing tour above Mt McKinley in Denali National Park

This past weekend, I was talking to my friend about taking an Alaska cruisetour. His wife, also my friend, wants to do it, but he doesn’t. He asked what a lot of people our age (late 20s, early 30s) wonder, “Why would you want to cruise to Alaska?”

I get it. The perception is that “old” people take a cruise to Alaska, not hip, young, energetic people (*ahem* like me). Okay, so I may not be hip but I still consider myself young and I’m full of energy, and I want to experience the beautiful state.

Some of you may be asking, “But you live in BC (British Columbia), isn’t it just as beautiful?”

wildlife in Alaska

Puffin. So cute. Thanks to for the photo.

The answer is yes, BC is gorgeous, but Alaska is like BC on steroids, I heard.

And I want to see puffins! Yeah, those small penguin-like animals, but cuter! I’m not alone either. A recent survey was done on why people travel to Alaska, and puffins made the list of top 10! Well, not specifically puffins, but wildlife in general came in at #2. Here’s the top 10.

1. Glaciers
2. Wild life
3. Mountains – specifically Mt McKinley
4. You can’t drive here as easily (remote, not a lot of roads, nature untouched)
5. Spectacular Scenery
6. To experience the Midnight Sun
7. To Experience the Northern Lights
8. Denali National park
9. Gold Rush History
10. Native Culture

What draws you to Alaska? Please us know by taking our Facebook poll or leaving a comment below.

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Vanny is Cruise Experts Travel’s Social Media Coordinator. She is a passionate world traveler and has been given an exciting opportunity to share experiences, tips and advice on everything cruising and travel in Alaska.
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2 Responses to Top 10 Reasons To Travel To Alaska

  1. Sailor says:

    Alaska is a dream destination for most people regardless of the age. There are so much to explore and see what most people can’t see at home everyday. I may not want to live my entire life in Alaska, but would love to go for an Alaska Cruise every year if possible.

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