Luggage Storage for Seattle and Vancouver

You’ve worked out the major details of your Alaska cruise. Cruise booked. Plane tickets, got ‘em. Hotel, check.

There’s just one tiny detail: you’re scheduled to arrive early on the day you embark. You have 5 hours from the time you arrive at the airport to the time you can get on the ship. Lugging your baggage around town is not what you want. But what can you do?

Here are your options.

Seattle Luggage Storage

At both cruise terminals in Seattle, you can store your luggage with the Concierge. I called 206-615-3900 to get the details. According to the recording:

  • the Concierge area is open at 8 am
  • cost is $3 per bag stored
  • your luggage must be picked up by 3:30 pm. If not, you’ll be charged an additional $20 per bag!

I wanted more details, so opted to speak with a live person. Got a friendly woman and she advised me that there’s a sign “Concierge Luggage Storage” and it’s very easy to find in both terminals.

Vancouver Luggage Storage

Located in Canada Place cruise ship terminal in the embarking/disembarking area, Priority Baggage can store your luggage. According to their website:

  • hours of operation 7:30 am to at 4 pm
  • cost is $6 per regular average sized suitcase, $5 per small bag like a carry-on, $7.50 for oversized items

Needless to say, you can use this service if you have time to kill between disembarking your cruise and catching your flight as well.

Handy, isn’t it? Prices are reasonable too. Wish all cruise ship terminals at embarkation/disembarkation ports offered luggage storage service!

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Vanny is Cruise Experts Travel’s Social Media Coordinator. She is a passionate world traveler and has been given an exciting opportunity to share experiences, tips and advice on everything cruising and travel in Alaska.
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