Cruise Ship Hits Iceberg in Alaska – No injuries reported

Holland America’s ms Westerdam was involved in a collision with an iceberg on Tuesday, while scenic cruising through Yakutat Bay – location of the monumental Hubbard Glacier (the longest tidewater glacier in all of North America).

According to the US Coast Guard’s press release, there was damage to the ship approximately 15 feet below the waterline. However, it didn’t effect the structure of the ship and everyone is reportedly okay – no injuries.

Based on KPU Ketchikan Webcam, by all appearances, ms Westerdam is fine.

I must also correct myself, the ship was involved in an “allision”, the actual nautical term to describe a collision. You learn something new everyday!

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17 Responses to Cruise Ship Hits Iceberg in Alaska – No injuries reported

  1. Doris Busse says:

    My daughter, son-in-law and I were on the Westerdam when it hit the iceberg. In fact we watched as we hit one of the icebergs. We did not learn of the damage until we got home. Wonderful trip but needed more time at the ports.

    • Vanny says:

      Hi, Doris! Fortunately, nothing serious happened and everyone is okay, including you, your daughter and son-in-law. Happy that you enjoyed your Alaska cruise. It’s such a beautiful destination! Cruises are great for sampling different areas, but I feel the same as you at times when I REALLY enjoy a certain port and would welcome more time. But that’s what cruising is all about, right? You get to discover where you’d like to explore further. Which ports do you want to visit again?

    • Brynda Blowers says:

      My son, boyfriend and I were on the cruise too. We were standing outside on Deck 3 and saw it happen. I posted below. I couldn’t believe they were getting so close to all those icebergs but thought they must know what they are doing. Hubbard Glacier was amazing..I guess after this incident now they stay far away. Since we didn’t sink I think the iceberg hit was worth it!

  2. Pat Davies says:

    I saw the iceberg was going to hit the ship but I did not know the incredible it was going to make. It sounded like a bus hitting cement.

    • Vanny says:

      Thanks for sharing picture, Pat! I saw your photo stream on Flickr and it looks like you had a great time in Alaska! What was your favourite port?

      • Pat Davies says:

        My Fav was Sitka and the Sheldon Jackson Museum. I talked with a guide there before the bus came. She told me stories from the mid eighty’s. When she would go to the remote parts of Alaska providing dental service.

  3. Phil Bennett says:

    My wife and daughter and I were on this cruise as well. This is the third trip to Alaska’s inside passage. I’ve enjoyed it every time.

    Hitting an iceberg wasn’t on the brouchure.

  4. We were also on that cruise great time we were up on the 9th floor deck when it hit. yes big bump but we all were fine and did not know about damage until now.. and yes we will CRUISE again..

    • Vanny says:

      Hi Pam, glad to hear this rare incident didn’t scare you from cruising.

    • Doris Busse says:

      Hi Pam, I am Dale Larson’s mother-in-law, Doris. I read your reply but can’t find mine even though I see my name and start of my reply on the site that took me to this site.
      It was nice meeting you and your traveling companions.

  5. Bob says:

    We were on the cruise the week after which meant the Captain (PJ) was ultra cautious this time. We were still 4 miles from the glacier front when the ship turned back. At that distance the glacier is still very tiny and you lost all perspective of the size. Quite frankly, if 4 miles is going to be the normal distance for the forseeable future then Holland America ought to remove it from their itinerary.

  6. Dora Costa says:

    My husband and I were also on the Westerdam the following week and we agree that the glacier side-trip should be discontinued. From that distance it just looks like a pile of dirty ice. And we also would have liked more time in the towns, especially Ketchikan. We won’t be cruising again, not because there was anything wrong with the Holland American cruise, it was very nice, but because we prefer road trips – we decide where to go and how long to stay.

  7. Brynda Blowers says:

    My boyfriend and I were standing on Deck 3 overlooking the railing on the port side when I saw the iceberg ahead. I thought “surely they are not going to hit that” but we did. We were standing literally directly above it when it hit. You could feel the ship rise up slightly but noticable and then there was a terrible metal sound and the ship shook a bit. We made lots of Titanic jokes but had no idea that there was damage until we got home!

  8. Check out this video! Westerdam hits the iceberg!

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