Difference between Alaska Cruise and Cruisetour

A cruise to Alaska is a fabulous way to explore the breathtaking state. But if you can add at least three more days to your Alaska cruise vacation, enrich it with a cruisetour.

You may be wondering, what’s the difference?

Alaska Cruise

 On an Alaska cruise you sail from one quaint seaside town to the next. At each port stop for the day, you can discover the great state’s coast by land. Explore on your own with a map in hand. Or for a more in-depth look, sign up for an organized shore excursion, led by local guides knowledgeable in the history and culture of the area.

Alaska Cruisetour

 An Alaska Cruisetour combines the best of sea and land, offering a land tour along with a cruise. It’s a must for adventurers keen on further exploration inland.

Depending on your itinerary, you might get into the heart of Glacier Bay and experience serenity in the solitudes of the mountains, then learn of the gold rush in Fairbanks, and later encounter the tallest peak in North America with a visit to Mt. McKinley.

Also, wildlife is abundant in Alaska’s interior, so during your tour, you’ll likely see moose, caribou, bears, wolves, and maybe even dall sheep!

Lasting three to eight nights, the land tour portion of your Alaska cruisetour can be either before or after your cruise and includes hotel accommodations and transportation to inclusive activities. Optional excursions include dog sledding, Native art tours, jet boat adventures, sport fishing, helicopter tours and much more!

Undecided or need more information? Speak with one of our Alaska Cruise Experts at 1-800-565-2784.

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